Project Management

Start Date: 06/03/2016

End Date: 08/03/2016

Program Duration: Three days

Language: Arabic

Course Provider: Reyada Group

Program Objective

  • Learn and understand what a "project" and how it has become part of the organizational thinking.
  • Learn how to determine the steps that must be followed to avoid going out of the project schedule and budget.
  • Understand how to identify your role as a manager and business skills required from you.
  • Learn how to identify the key factors in the success of the project management and stakeholders.
  • Control tasks required to deal with risk, and contracts, and the costs of the project and schedule.
  • Determine how to develop guidelines for budgeting and control.
  • Mastery of ideas in a compilation of views and responses skills.
  • Learn how to determine the meetings management techniques and help the project team to work together.
  • Identify key stages to terminate the project, and delivery of project outputs, and absorb the lessons learned to work out in subsequent projects.

Program Description

This course aims to give a thorough and practical understanding about project management profession, through training in project management package, will help in improving best practices, and give the particepants confidence, and provide them with the tools to ensure the success of the project management program. The session will give the participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with all the basics of project management, and learn all they need to know about planning, management and an end to all aspects of high- efficiency project based on results.
This session will earn them everything they need from tools and techniques of project management, the schedule, cost and quality so that they will achieve their goals.


  • Supervisors.
  • Team leaders.
  • Managers.