Outstanding Social Networking

Start Date: 22/03/2016

End Date: 24/03/2016

Program Duration: Three days

Language: Arabic

Course Provider: Reyada Group

Program Objective

  • Understand the basic principles for the use of social media to link with your customers and target audience.
  • Formulate a work that combines the most important tools, networks and social media plans.
  • Devise effective persuasive content largely to increase your presence on the Internet.
  • Monitor the success of your campaign on social media platforms.
  • Create ideas for strategies and appropriaties means of social communication.

Program Description

Social media managed in a few years to bring about significant change in communications over the Internet. With the emergence of new platforms and tools, many people are publishing and participating in the talks over the Internet. Big adoption of social computing technologies has led to new types of interaction by means of working as a broker, where people can maintain relations more than ever. The workshop dealing with what is social media and how to deal with the social networking prominent. For both beginners and intermediate users who belong to the marketing teams in companies or small companies or independent traders or government or academic. It also fit the agencies that would like to view social media as a service to its customers.


  • Public Relations employees.
  • Information technology emplyees.