Business Writing Skills

Start Date: 13/12/2016

End Date: 14/12/2016

Program Duration: Two Days

Language: English

Course Provider: Reyada Group

Program Objective

• To learn the standard structure of day-to-day correspondence.
•  To plan effectively before writing, so all the necessary information will be included in the written material.
• To learn and practice, using a framework for business communication
• To know the difference between formal and informal language.
• To demonstrate the effective use of plain and simple English.
• To understand how to create the right impression when writing.
• To practice proofreading techniques.
• To understand what your key message is, and deliver it in a courteous, clear, and concise way.
• To practice using positive language, especially when giving negative or bad news.
• To understand your target audience, and use the right words to suit their needs.
• To develop summarizing skills to extract the key information and use it accurately.

Program Description

This programme has been designed to improve your business writing skills.  The course will give you clear guidelines and practice in how to write better internal and external correspondence.  You will learn how to plan your writing carefully, and how to professionally structure different forms of business correspondence.


People who wish to excel in business writing should attend this two-day programme.  It is the ideal way to learn the skills of business writing in the English language.  It is both informative and practical, with excellent back-up course notes that form a valuable reference source for the future.  It is a course that is completely up-to-date and suitable for everyone in business who has to communicate using the written word.