Fundamentals of Training for Human Resources Staff

Start Date: 25/12/2016

End Date: 27/12/2016

Program Duration: Three Days

Language: Arabic

Course Provider: Ali Al-Bayati

Program Objective

• Introduction to training and its importance in modern age

• Nature and aspects of training 

• The role of training needs assessment in the overall process of training

• How TNAs can be related to  organization’s strategic plan

• Stages and steps of identifying training needs and what role each step plays

• Resources of training needs data and information

• Training needs analysis tools

• Elements of training needs assessment success

• Precision – applying total quality management in training

• Defining training objectives – measuring basis

• Planning assessments and data availing 

• Training data gathering

• Training impact assessment isolation from other parameters

• Training cost assessment 

• Return on training assessment 

• Training Impact evaluation and reporting• Exercises and case studies 

Program Description

Integrated training operations lead to a successful return on investment, especially when implemented correctly by the training staff. It tackles several aspects from identifying training needs to the value when applied in the workplace. The human resources staff, especially the ones who handle the training are the ones responsible for these operations.
This course will help the human resources staff learn about the fundamentals of training and how to apply them from A to Z.