Advanced Management Of Warehouses And Storage Technology

Start Date: 30/08/2016

End Date: 31/08/2016

Program Duration: Two Days

Program Trainer: Ayman AbdulSalam

Language: Arabic

Course Provider: Reyada Group

Program Objective

Provide participants with the skills, knowledge about:

  • Rules and procedures warehouses in accordance with the quality standards.
  • Identify inventory operations.
  • Identify inventory planning processes, and the quantities of economic demand.
  • Disposal of waste and inventory sluggish.
  • (Rules of procedure - Regulations - Instructions) warehouses.
  • Security and safety inside stores.
  • inventory reports.
  • How to create storage policies.
  • How to audit the work of the stores.
  • How to implement a comprehensive quality standards in the work of the stores.

Program Description

This course aims to give advanced information storage and warehouse management business in the medium and large-sized bodies, which has a significant investment in inventory, in order to achieve a balance between (ensure secure materials aimed at business continuity - and to avoid unjustified investment in amounts stocks uneconomical) with an explanation quality standards in warehouse management.


  • Warehouses Managers.
  • Storekeeper - Storekeeper Assistant.
  • Control officers on the stores.