Positive Thinking

Start Date: 23/11/2016

End Date: 23/11/2016

Program Duration: One Day

Language: English

Course Provider: Reyada Group

Program Objective

• Learn the fundamentals of a positive thinking and its impact on personal and professional life.
• Learn techniques to switch from negative thinking to positive thinking.
• Apply positive thinking patterns to improve productivity and performance at work.
• Establish a framework for adopting positive thinking habits.

Program Description

Through this program you will learn about the following areas:-
The Power of Positive Thinking
Positive Vs Negative Thinking
Cognitive  Behavior Psychology
Thinking Patterns & Process
 Visualization Techniques
Positive Self-Talk & Empowerment
Negative Thinking & Business Performance
Positivity in the Workplace
The Habits of Positive Attitude
How the Positive Thinking Can Be a Journey for Change


Anyone attempting to change their outlook and their mindset in order to  improve their performance.