Effective Report Writing

Start Date: 02/03/2016

End Date: 03/03/2016

Program Duration: Two Days

Language: Arabic

Course Provider: Reyada Group

Program Objective

  • Planning and writing a full report.
  • Focus on harmony and sequence of ideas between parts.
  • Focus on the reader to keep in mind.
  • Writing in an orderly fashion to keep the focus.
  • Apply editing and debugging strategies.
  • Included various parts of the report.
  • Demonstrate knowledge have written different types of short reports.
  • Compilation, analysis, and coordination of the data required to write a formal report for technical staff and non-technical knowledge which matches the readers.
  • Use positive acts for the negative acts.
  • The use of graphics, maps, tables, etc. effectively within documents.

Program Description

Communication is one of the most important skills for business success, and written communication skills are considered the most important. This course gives participants the right tools and techniques to ensure the arrival of the message clearly and effectively to reach success at work. It is during the session, participants may be able to write reports in a professional manner in terms of content, and output, which contributes to show the true picture of the organization in front of clients from abroad or other departments within the institution.


  • Managers.
  • Staff and administrators who deal with reports.
  • Specialists who work requires specialized writing reports.